Established in 2017, Wheel and Tire Care specializes in the selling of tire and wheel warranties online. Our online business model allows us to provide you with a superior, fast and effective service that ensures excellent support and after-sales service.

Having a warranty on your wheels and tires is essential as it will provide you with the additional coverage that perfectly compliments your vehicle insurance. It will save you money in the long run, especially if you work with a reliable provider such as Wheel and Tire Care.

We work with all major warranty companies, and this allows us to provide our valued clients with warranties that can be purchased online and be in effect immediately. With our warranty products, you will be covered instantly and be notified as soon as your warranty takes effect. We also offer key replacement policies for new vehicles.

Buying a warranty from us is easy and the process can be completed online. Simply create an account, choose your warranty and move through the easy checkout process. We accept PayPal payments, as well as, all major credit cards.

Affordable Wheel and Tire Warranties

Wheel and tire warranties can be a great benefit to have when you lease a vehicle, as you never know when you may need additional insurance coverage. Accidents do happen and you can easily damage your wheels and tires unexpectedly. With a reliable warranty from Wheel and Tire Care, you will be covered.

Wheel and Tire Care provides you with all the necessary warranties that are not covered by standard insurance policies. We offer unbeatable pricing, with no hidden fees and we cover all major car brands. We sell warranties throughout the United States of America and are dedicated to providing you with the best warranty as fast as possible.

From Acura to Ferrari, Fiat to Volvo, we have a warranty product that will suit your individual needs. With instant coverage available, you will benefit from a reliable service provider and excellent support from our team. Browse through our services online to find the perfect warranty.

We are here to ensure that you are covered adequately, and we strive to provide you with the best wheel and tire warranties available. For more information about our warranty products, please visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our friendly team today.