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Jun 2020
Insight into Tire Protection & Road Hazard Coverage
The tires of your car are designed to transport your vehicle between destinations in safety and comfort. Yet even the best-designed tires crafted from high-quality materials are susceptible to the risks of the road; potholes, uneven asphalt, nails, and assorted debris all pose an inconvenient threat to your road trip. The tires of your car, [...]
Apr 2020
Everything About Tire Warranties
Tires are obviously a critical component in your vehicle's health, but they represent a piece of equipment that isn't typically covered by vehicle warranties. That's a shame because your tires are constantly confronted with hazards for which you can'r plan or take evasive action. An errant nail, sharp shard of glass, or an unfortunate close [...]
Pothole Damage: Steps to Take
Mar 2020
Pothole Damage: Steps to Take
You’re driving along, minding your own business. Then you feel your right tire drop, followed by a crashing sound. You’ve hit a pothole, and you’re not happy about it. If you hit a deep pothole, you could not only damage your tire, but also bend the wheel and knock it out of alignment. If the [...]
Overview of Mercedes-Benz Tire & Wheel Warranty
Feb 2020
Overview of Mercedes-Benz Tire & Wheel Warranty
When you pay for a premium vehicle, it deserves premium warranties to keep it in its best shape. Outside of the factory-fresh, bumper-to-bumper coverage offered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you want to get a First Class Wheel & Tire Protection plan for additional security against everyday road hazards. This blog will tell you everything you [...]

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