Check Out These Three Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Tire Purchase

Check Out These Three Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Tire Purchase

Do you need to purchase new tires? Check out these three tips for saving money on your next Mercedes-Benz tire purchase.

  1. Buy tire packages: Buying a single tire at a time always costs more than buying all four tires at once. While this might seem more expensive, most tire dealers offer specials such as buy three, get the fourth free.
  2. Look for rebates: Taking advantage of rebates is another great way to find any tire, including luxury tires, for less. If you know you’re going to need to replace your tires soon, keep an eye for rebate specials.
  3. Maintain your tires: Nothing saves you money more than maintaining your tires and getting as much wear out of them as possible. Regular tire rotations, wheel balancing, and alignment services extend the lifespan of the tires. Also, tire rotation services ensure your tires wear evenly and let you take advantage of those tire package specials without feeling like you’re wasting your money.

Another great way to save money on tires is to purchase tire and wheel insurance from Wheel and Tire Care. Our wheel and tire protection is designed to fill in the auto insurance gap by covering tire damage that isn’t usually covered by auto insurance policies. We cover punctures, flats, and other damage that tires are susceptible to every day when you’re driving. At Wheel and Tire Care, we know you’re not going to be able to avoid every pothole or bump in the road. Let us take care of you when you have wheel damage. Contact us today at 347-308-6161 to learn more about our wheel and tire protection and other services.


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