How to Claim Your Audi Tire and Wheel Warranty

How to Claim Your Audi Tire and Wheel Warranty

An Audi is more than just a vehicle; it’s a statement of luxury and sophistication that shows your commitment to high-performance technology.

But even an Audi needs occasional service. In fact, every Audi is built with long-lasting technology, as well as consumable parts that are to be replaced periodically for optimal performance throughout the lifetime of your vehicle.

Tires and wheels are two such items. They may need to be replaced or repaired to ensure safe and excellent driving quality. Thankfully, when performed at your dealership, Audi tire and wheel services may be covered under your warranty plan.

The following is important information for new Audi drivers about how to claim your Audi tire and wheel warranty, and recommendations that can help you save money.

Tire and Wheel Damage

Structural damage to your tires and wheels can happen for a number of reasons. You may encounter road hazards like metal, glass, and the dreaded nail in the road. You may drive over potholes, discarded debris, or other hazards while you drive your Audi. That’s where Audi Tire & Wheel Protection plans come into play.

Your Audi tire and wheel coverage will cover the replacement of tires and wheels for up to seven years. In addition, you can purchase Optional Cosmetic Coverage, which will cover cosmetic damage to wheels and tires, rather than damage that requires a full replacement.

Scratches, dings, and other cosmetic wear shouldn’t interfere with your driving, but if you want to keep your Audi looking its best for many years, Optional Cosmetic Coverage is recommended.

You can drive confidently knowing that if you encounter accidental damage while you drive, Audi will cover the repair and replacement services you need.


Plan Details

Take your vehicle into an authorized Audi dealership or a wheel and tire specialist for an inspection after your vehicle incurs any damage. Or, have your vehicle towed to the dealership if wheel or tire damage makes your Audi undriveable.

Most road hazards are covered under your warranty, and you can claim wheel replacement if the damage your vehicle incurs prevents the wheel from properly sealing to its tire. If a wheel cannot maintain the recommended tire pressure levels, wheel replacement should also be covered.

In addition to wheel and/or tire replacement, your claim should also cover mounting, balancing, valve stems, and related taxes.

If you have Optional Cosmetic Coverage, you can make unlimited individual wheel repairs during the term of your warranty. Services include sanding, painting, and wheel refinishing. No deductible applies to cosmetic damage claims.

Visit the service experts at Wheel and Tire Care to learn more about what’s covered under your Audi tire and wheel insurance and your Audi tire and wheel warranty.


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