Overview of Mercedes-Benz Tire & Wheel Warranty

Overview of Mercedes-Benz Tire & Wheel Warranty

When you pay for a premium vehicle, it deserves premium warranties to keep it in its best shape. Outside of the factory-fresh, bumper-to-bumper coverage offered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you want to get a First Class Wheel & Tire Protection plan for additional security against everyday road hazards. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about one, so you can buy it with confidence.

What’s Included?

  • The tire will be replaced if it’s structurally damaged by a covered road hazard like glass, potholes, debris, rocks, or nails. This also includes pneumatic tires with run-flat technology that enables the vehicle to be driven at reduced speeds for limited distances when punctured.
  • The tire or wheel will be replaced if the original or new product was installed during the warranty term. They must also meet the manufacturer’s size specifications.
  • The wheel will be replaced if the incurred damage stops the tire from sealing to the wheel after replacement. It needs to maintain the manufacturer’s air pressure specifications to be an approved seal.
  • All associated costs relating to the tire or wheel replacement are covered, including taxes, labor costs, mounting and balancing fees and valve stems.
  • Cosmetic alloy wheel repair is limited to a total of 4 individual repairs during the agreement term for eligible scrapes, scratches, and other repairable damage on select vehicles.
  • Towing reimbursement is available for up to $100 per occurrence when resulting from hazardous road damage.
  • Vehicle rental reimbursement is available for up to 2 days for a maximum benefit of $100, at $50 a day, assuming a thorough inspection is required to assess damages or parts need to be ordered to complete a covered repair. 
  • Repairs will be performed at any participating and authorized repair facility or Mercedes-Benz Dealership.
  • Tire and wheel warranty is transferable in a lease agreement transfer or from consumer to consumer in a private sale. There is, however, a $40 agreement transfer fee.
  • There are no mileage limitations, and the protection can be used multiple times during the term.
  • Protection is available on new, pre-owned, or leased vehicles.

What’s Not Included?
Any of the following would nullify the tire and wheel protection warranty:

  • The tread depth of the damaged tire is less than 3/32” at the lowest point at the time of the damage.
  • The damage was a result of vandalism.
  • Repairs were made without authorization.
  • The damage happened based on visible road conditions like those from uneven lanes or metal plates found in construction zones or sites.
  • The damage was the result of failing to comply with routine tire maintenance, including rotations, balancing, and alignments.
  • The damage was the result of normal wear and tear, improper wear, or dry rot.

Is There Anything Else That’s Important to Know?

When it comes to tire and wheel warranties, you want the best for your Mercedes-Benz. First Class Wheel & Tire Protection is available within multi-coverage packages or as a stand-alone product. Call Wheel and Tire Care at 347-308-6161 to protect your vehicle from road hazards.


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