Why Buy Independent Tire Warranties

Protect yourself from out-of-pocket costs due to unexpected road hazards and buy tire warranties. New tires always come with warranty coverage, but the terms aren’t always as protective as you…

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Most Dependable Tire Brands

In a lot of ways, your tires are the easiest component of your vehicle in terms of maintenance and attaining the yield keeping them in good shape renders. Make sure…

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What is a Damage Waiver?

When you’re leasing a vehicle, one bit of paperwork that is often missed or forgotten about is the damage waiver. But what is a damage waiver?

The damage waiver typically spends its time in the background, but if your vehicle gets into an accident or is damaged by road hazards, it morphs into a powerful tool that can help shield you from the bulk of costs that are incurred when it comes to turning in your vehicle at the end of your lease.

This special waiver can only be bought within the first month of a new vehicle lease period, with the fore-mentioned waiver covering vehicles up to an MSRP of $150,000. This means even some exotic vehicles are covered under this unique form of protection.

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How do Tire & Wheel Warranties Work?

Have you ever encountered a pothole and it popped your tire, or worse, busted a rim? If you have a tire and wheel warranty, you can shield yourself from many of the costs that are often associated with traditional tire and rim repairs.

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