Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tires for Your Car

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tires for Your Car

Driving your vehicle with old, worn out tires can not only harm your car, but it could also jeopardize your life and the lives of others on the road. To avoid this downright dangerous act, you will need to purchase and install new tires when necessary. However, not all tires are the same and choosing the right ones for your vehicle can be challenging. Use the tips below to learn how to select the perfect wheels for your car.

Original Equipment or New Brand

The best place to start your search for new tires is by looking at your current tires. The simplest solution is to buy the original equipment (OE) tires that came with your car from the manufacturer. Since the tires were designed for your vehicle, you know they will be the right fit. You may have a tire and wheel warranty that could help cover the costs of OE tires. Plus, if you like the way your car handles, there’s no reason to change it. To find out the type of tires that were sold with the car, check the owner’s manual or do a quick online search. If you don’t like how your car rides and want a change, you may need to do more research to find a suitable new brand. Check out reviews online to find the best wheels for your needs.


To determine what size tires fit on your car, find the placard located on the driver’s door. The tire size will look something like this: P215/65 R15. These numbers and letters indicate the width of the tire, the height compared to the width, and the diameter. Find new tires that are the size the manufacturer recommends. If you’re shopping for tires online, it’s easy to sort the available stock by size so you can find the right wheels for your car make and model.


In addition to considering the size of the tires, you should also choose tires that will optimize the car’s handling and braking ability. Locate the best tires for your car that will offer a comfortable ride and cut down on road noise. The best way to do this is by considering the select brand of tire that was developed explicitly for your vehicle. These tires were chosen to give you the smooth ride your car was designed to provide.

Car Being Repaired


You will also need to consider the type of tires you want to buy: all-season, summer, or winter tires. All-season tires are the most popular because they can be left on year round. They offer mild traction on ice, and a solid compromise between dry and wet grip. Winter tires are made of a pliable rubber that performs well in low temperatures, and they provide better traction in the ice and snow. However, they were designed to only be used during the winter, so you’ll need to have extra tires on hand to use the rest of the year. Summer tires are the best option for sports cars, as they offer a good grip on dry roads when driving at high speeds in warm temperatures.

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