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Flat tires and punctures are unpredictable. In areas where road construction is ongoing, a driver may experience an unfortunate event more than once. Road hazard tire and wheel protection can be a good investment because many car insurance policies exclude tires and wheels, or they place a limit of a single claim per year. Tire and wheel coverage allow multiple claims.

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First time hearing of this idea of tire warranties; I must say this is the best and offer great pricing! Didn’t know I can get covered for busted rims and flat tires. This is a money saver! Great customer service too!


Mercedes AMG C Class
Excellent pricing and customer service! Definitely coming back after my lease is up on my car!


BMW 7 Series
Better pricing than what I got from the dealerships. This is a life saver!


warranty covered my rims when they got scratched, saving me alot of money


Customer Service
warranty covered my rims when they got scratched, saving me alot of money


Damage Waiver
My BMW lease is expiring soon and I had my final inspection and noticed there was about $4.3k worth of damage throughout the car. This is the best $595 I ever spent! Covered every scratch and dent with my initial payment of $595!! Will save you a boatload in repair costs!!!!! Highly recommended ;)!


Best buying experience ever!


They were so easy to deal with and pricing was very competitive. I highly recommend using Wheel & Tire!


Kia K900
Glad i found this website. Customer service excellent and reasonably priced !


Customer Service
Thank You for a job well done. Great Experience! Highly Recommend!

Tire and wheel protection is designed to cover what standard car insurance doesn’t, so your tires and wheels are covered against unexpected flats, punctures, or other damage. It provides reimbursement for repairs and/or replacements.

We have customizable tire and wheel protection plans, so compare them to understand what each will or will not cover.

You may not be able to avoid every bump in the road, but you can help reduce the expense of repairing tire and wheel damage with tire and wheel protection. When you’re on the road, you can enjoy driving and feeling protected, because you’re confident your policy will take care of you if needed. Contact us and ask about or luxury car protection, including our BMW and Audi tire and wheel insurance. Our friendly staff is ready to work with you to insure your vehicle’s wheels. We look forward to helping keep you and your vehicle safely on the road.