Understanding the Wheel Warranty & Its Coverage

Tires are the most often replaced parts on vehicles. From damage because of road hazards to normal wear and tear, tires need replacing from time to time. That’s why many people choose tire and wheel protection insurance. Tire warranties are great because they protect consumers from paying for tire replacements, but how much do you understand about these warranties? Keep reading to learn more about how tire warranties work.

Tread-Life Warranties

Tire tread matters. The deep grooves in the tires are the treads, and over time they wear down. If possible, you don’t want to drive on tires that have less than a 2/3 of an inch tread left or tires with treads worn down in an uneven pattern.

  • Proof of purchase
  • Proof of service records that show tire rotation done at recommended intervals

The warranty company determines the price of the reimbursement based on the remaining tread on the existing tire. At Wheel and Tire Care, the average cost for road hazard warranties is $495 depending on the policy of your choosing.

Manufacturer Special Warranties

Are you trying out a new tire brand? If so, manufacturers offer special warranties in the form of promotional 30-day trials. During the promotional period, customers are eligible for credit toward the purchase of another tire or a full refund if they’re not pleased with the tires’ performance. With these warranties, there are no questions asked. Consumers who take advantage of these special warranties get to try out new tire brands without feeling like they’ll be stuck with tires they hate for the next 50,000 miles.

Be Careful Not to Void Your Warranty

When you purchase a tire and wheel warranty, manufacturers expect you to do your part to maintain the tire.

Inspect the tires to make sure there aren’t bumps or other problems. Keep accurate service records to claim your warranty should you need it.

Tire and wheel protection is a great way for drivers to feel secure driving their vehicles and keep out-of-pocket costs to a minimum. To learn more about wheel warranties and tire coverage, contact Wheel and Tire Care.


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