What Does the BMW Tire and Wheel Warranty Cover?

What Does the BMW Tire and Wheel Warranty Cover?

If you drive, you have been there. You are cruising along and suddenly your entire vehicle seems to drop on one side, followed by the “wump, wump, wump” tell-tale warning that you have a flat tire. Or you are parallel parking and hit the curb pretty hard; sometimes there is no obvious damage until you drive, other times, a bulge emerges in your sidewall. Regardless of the situation, you are stuck until you change out the damaged tire with a spare or road service gets there to help you.

In most cases, with most vehicles, fixing or replacing your tire falls on you. Because of vehicle safety laws, however, that usually means you end up replacing at least two tires because of the difference in tread wear. You are out several hundred dollars, at a minimum, unless you have the BMW tire and wheel warranty, which is available for all new and certified pre-owned BMWs. Here is what the warranty covers.

Damage Protection

The BMW tire and wheel protection warranty covers everyday damage your vehicle may experience while doing normal driving. That means if you get a flat you are covered. Specifically, the tire and wheel warranty covers damage caused by:

  • Foreign substances like metal, nails, glass or debris
  • Road hazards like potholes
  • Tire integrity issues not caused by the driver like a leaking stem, blow out or tire wall deficiency
  • Some tire integrity issues caused by the driver (like hitting that curb too hard.)

Protection Program Features

In addition to having your tires and wheels covered for all of the above, the best BMW tire and wheel warranty also covers:

  • Replacement of flat tire(s) due to road hazards
  • Replacement of damaged wheels due to road hazards
  • Associated costs including mounting, balancing, valve stems, disposal, labor and taxes
  • Wheel to wheel coverage for all tires with more than two thirty-seconds tread on them at the time of the damage (Appropriate deductibles apply. In some states the deductible cost is $50 per claim)
  • Guaranteed original equipment manufacturer replacement components for rims, tires and associated parts.
Flat tire

Other Benefits

Spending the money to cover the BMW tire and wheel warranty cost gets you more than just another run of the mill equipment warranty. It gets you the peace of mind that BMW, renowned for its vehicles and service, have your back should you experience normal tire or wheel damage. There are simply no cutting of corners; your warranty guarantees the damaged equipment will be replaced, including tires, instead of patching or plugging them. You also are not limited to how many times you can use the warranty; there are no claim limits or aggregates.

The BMW tire and wheel warranty also covers up to $100 in towing expenses, is not affected by how many miles you drive, continues even if you replace your ties and it is transferable if you get a new BMW vehicle or sell your current one. All of that adds to resale value.

What having the tire and wheel warranty means to you is that you no longer have to worry about getting a flat tire or wheel damage, at least as it applies to getting it repaired or replaced. BMW has you covered. Check out Wheel and Tire Care for more information on this amazing program!


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