What You Should Know About Tire and Wheel Protection

What You Should Know About Tire and Wheel Protection


We’ve all seen the stranded driver on the side of the road. The one pacing back and forth wondering how they’ll get the car home on three good tires. Maybe it’s been you. It’s kind of like Murphy’s Law when you get out on the road. Something’s bound to happen, and if it happens, it’ll happen to you. You can’t control other drivers. You can’t control road conditions. What you can control is whether you’re protected by a tire and wheel warranty. Not sure how that works? Read our guide for everything you need to know and why you should purchase this type of coverage.

Road Hazards and Your Tires

When you put a new set of tires on your vehicle, you expect to get years of use from them. Your decision to buy one tire over another was likely based, in part, on the tire’s advertised life. No matter what their life expectancy is, tires do sometimes wear out sooner than expected. Road hazards are a significant cause of premature wear. Road hazards include nails, glass, and potholes. All can cause damage to a tire whether it’s a puncture, bruise, or break. Protection against road hazard damage is covered by tire and wheel warranties. A warranty helps defray the cost of tire repair or replacement.

Keep Your Wheels Looking Fine

Most cars today have wheels made from aluminum alloys. They’re aesthetically pleasing but require extra TLC to keep them looking shiny and pristine. While you can get rid of mud and dirt buildup by taking the car to the car wash, that won’t work on cosmetic damage. Cosmetic damage includes both normal and catastrophic damage that can occur with either age or due to an accident. If you’ve ignored the scratches, scrapes, nicks, and gouges because you weren’t sure how to pay for them, keep in mind a tire and wheel protection warranty may help you cover all costs.

But I Have Insurance

Vehicle insurance is a necessity, and in most states is required by law. If you get in an accident or cause one, an insurance policy helps cover the damage. If your tires or wheels are damaged, insurance may pay after you cover your deductible. What insurance doesn’t cover is a flat tire caused by you running over a nail. Insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic damage repair either in most cases. While we always advise that you check directly with your insurance company, most just don’t cover these types of issues. A wheel and tire warranty isn’t insurance. Instead, it’s coverage above and beyond what most insurance policies pay. Unlike a vehicle insurance policy, a tire and wheel warranty doesn’t require a copay or limit you using it only once or twice each year. 

Hopefully we’ve enticed you to ask more questions about our protection programs. Here at Wheel and Tire Care, we not only care about your tires, but we also care about you. Contact us today and we’ll help you set up your tire warranty program.


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