Why Buy Independent Tire Warranties

Why Buy Independent Tire Warranties

Protect yourself from out-of-pocket costs due to unexpected road hazards and buy tire warranties. New tires always come with warranty coverage, but the terms aren’t always as protective as you think. Getting extended coverage for your tires, especially specialty tires, means you won’t be shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new tire just because you ran over a pothole. Check out the following reasons why it’s a good idea to up your coverage with an extended warranty.

Road Hazards

When you buy tire warranty protection, it includes protection against road hazards. Without this protection, every time you’re on the road, you’re gambling. Potholes, nails, tree limbs, and even sharp rocks are all things that do damage to tires. Even new tires with great tread fall victim to road hazards./p>

Mounting Costs

Did you know that extended tire warranties also cover the mounting and installation costs? These costs add up when you consider that they include not only mounting fees, but installation, inner tubes, and valve stem replacement fees. Don’t forget about the taxes and labor fees too.

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No Maximum

The best tire warranty doesn’t cap your claims. These warranties cover the costs of a new tire with no maximum occurrence fees. This means you can enjoy the benefits of your extended warranty as much as you need to. If you’re just unlucky on the road and need new tire replacement once every few months, no problem.

Rental and Towing Coverage

What happens if you get a flat tire and don’t have a spare? Many new and pre-owned vehicles don’t come with spare tires anymore. That means a flat tire has the potential to strand you. Extended tire protection coverage doesn’t just cover the tire. It covers you as well. If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and no spare, this is where your warranty offers the best protection. Call for towing services to get your vehicle to a shop and replace the tire right away.

Some tire and wheel problems require extensive repairs. Or, the shop just might be too busy to get to your flat tire for a day or two. When you rely on your vehicle to get you to and from where you need to be, you need a rental car. For people who don’t have rental coverage with their manufacturer tire warranty, this is just another expense. However, if you have an extended warranty, the rental car expense is one less thing you need to worry about.

Protect your vehicle’s tires and enjoy the peace of mind that wheel and tire warranties provide. A flat tire or a bent rim isn’t something that you plan to have, but these things do happen from time to time. Wouldn’t it be nice to know someone has your back? To learn more about tire warranties, contact Wheel and Tire Care today.


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