The road doesn’t end here, make sure you are covered

Wheel and Tire Care – For Your Tire and Wheel Protection

Flat tires and punctures are unpredictable. In areas where road construction is ongoing, a driver may experience an unfortunate event more than once. Road hazard tire and wheel protection can be a good investment because many car insurance policies exclude tires and wheels, or they place a limit of a single claim per year. Tire and wheel road hazard insurance usually allows multiple claims.

Tire and wheel protection insurance is designed to cover what standard car insurance doesn’t so your tires and wheels are covered against unexpected flats, punctures, or other damage. It provides reimbursement for repairs or replacements.

We have customizable tire and wheel road hazard protection plans. What’s right for one car owner might not be right for another, so compare plans to understand what each will or won’t cover. Understand how a tire and wheel protection warranty works.

We offer aftermarket tire and wheel insurance as well. You may not be able to avoid every bump in the road, but you can help reduce the expense of repairing tire and wheel damage with aftermarket tire and wheel protection. When you’re on the road, you can enjoy driving and feel protected, because you’re confident your policy will take care of you if needed.